Obama admin hiding information on illegal immigration



President Obama has always had a fondness for illegal immigrants. He is seemingly oblivious to the negative effects they have on our economy and our workforce, not to mention the drug cartels and gangs that illegal immigration brings into our country. He would rather spend millions on amnesty programs than defend our border.

While Americans in border states cry out for federal assistance, it looks like individual state militias are going to have to handle the problem on their own. All the federal government is interested in is shipping thousands of these immigrants to towns in the rest of the country and housing and feeding them on the American taxpayer’s dime.

Despite backlash from these towns that are now effectively serving as dumping grounds, Obama is now refusing to even admit where he is “resettling” these illegal children. Seriously?
High-ranking elected officials in two states far north of the U.S.-Mexico border claimed that the Obama administration resettled hundreds of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children in their states without adequate notice — and has refused to disclose their exact locations.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman told the Wall Street Journal Saturday that 200 children were sent to his state without warning, adding that federal officials refused to disclose their names and locations, Fox News noted.

“Governors and mayors have the right to know when the federal government is transporting a large group of individuals, in this case illegal immigrants, into your state,” Heineman, a Republican, told The Journal. “We need to know who they are, and so far, they are saying they’re not going to give us that information.”
Not only is the federal government allowing tens of thousands of illegal children to cross our borders, they are relocating them into our country instead of sending them back home. This sends the message to everyone back in central America that if you come to America, you can stay there. This is not the message we should be sending there. Not only do we NOT need to be granting these people amnesty, we need to be sending that clear message back to where they are coming from. And the border must be secured. Now.

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