Interrogation of 20-y.o. Russian conscripts captured in Ukraine. (English)



The Security Service of Ukraine posted another evidence for the presence of Russian conscript soldiers in Donbas. The posted video was recorded by members of “Donbas” battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine and showed interrogation of several Russian conscripts captured in Donbas.

Members of the National Guard of Ukraine were trapped near the Ukrainian town of Ilovaisk encircled by Russian troops and terrorists, but still managed to capture a group of Russian servicemen. They hoped to exchange the captured Russian soldiers for an opportunity to leave the encirclement. However, during the exchange process they got captured themselves. Only recently they were released from captivity and managed to hand this video over to the SSU. Read more about Ilovaisk tragedy on Wikipedia at:

Also check out the age of the captured Russian soldiers – they are 19, 20, 21 and 26 years old. Russian government does not care about whom to dispose of in Ukraine.

Video about the Battle of Ilovaisk: