Scum Is Awesome!



Showing off the many features in scum from the hunting system , military looting, meeting friendly strangers and more!

This game is so cool, literally light years ahead of dayz in terms of functionality and features. The hunting feature alone is like they put Hunter Call of the Wild in the game, Super Cool!

If you're wondering what Scum is about. Its an open world survival game very similar to dayz , but with added dynamic events, and a list of cool features. The lore is you're all prisoners on an island and your being filmed for a TV show , kinda like that movie, or how The Culling tried to do. Definitely worth the 20$ price tag , all day long.

The Public can purchase Scum on steam and play on 8 / 29 / 2018 - Wednesday of this week!

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Outro Music:
Bad and Boujee Remix (Wii x Migos)


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