Cutting Inch Thick Steel on Everlast Power Pro 256s Plasma Cutter



Cutting through 1 inch mild thick steel with the Everlast Powerpro 3 in one 256s plasma, stick, TIG welder set at the max of 60 amps (60% duty cycle at 60 amps). Not too bad considering it is a drag tip and I'm far from being a pro. I really think a CNC plasma table with THC (torch height control) and the proper tip (non drag) would have made this a very nice cut with less than .050in of clean up. For comparison, I had a Harbor Freight 40 amp before this and it would do about the same quality(poor IMHO) as this cut, but on 5/8in. I will say that I've used a friends cut40 plasma cutters and for the price you can't beat the HF 40amp($550 out the door with the 20% coupon 7 years ago) or this 60amp($1550 total on eBay sale two years ago). They both came with Trafimet torches- S45 and S75 respectively.