Top 10 Crossovers 2016 - FIBA 3x3



Crossovers, ankle breakers... call them what you will! They provide some of the greatest moments in basketball and we've compiled the ten nastiest crossovers from all the 3x3 events in 2016. Featuring in our countdown are Inderbir Gill (Hamamatsu), Camille Delaquis (Switzerland), Gasper Ovnik (Slovenia), Dominique Gentil (France), Michael Linklater (Saskatoon), Paula Palomares (Spain),
Leandro Lima (Sao Paolo), Toni Mindoljevic (Split), Gilles Martin (Switzerland) and Dragan Bjelica (Belgrade). Let us know your favourite ankle breaker of 2016 and stay tuned for more awesome top 10 compilations!

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