Plum Paper Planner First Impressions and Why Not Erin Condren



IT'S OFFICIAL... I'M A PLANNER ADDICT *cries* I Love It Though!
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***I'm a very free spirited, in the moment, 100mph type of person so I need something to keep my grounded and organized. Or most things won't get done! So far the Plum Paper Planner and my other generic planner(got that while I was waiting) have been a complete BLESSING!
The only issues I'm having with my Plum Paper Planner so far, is that the pages don't do so well with stickers and tapes being repositioned. And it's a tad bulky; but I have a lot of "add-ons" which I loooove!!!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ARE YOU A "PLANNER", "NON-PLANNER", MAYBE A CRAFTER OR SCRAPBOOKER? Let me know, I'd love for us to take this journey together!


Disclaimer: This planner was purchased by me. This is not a paid video. And I'll receive no compensation if you make a purchase from the above web shop. These are my experiences and my own opinions.