Fishing in Paradise "Goals" Episode 3 - Life on the Outer Edge



"Goals" Episode 3 –Life on the Outer Edge
A Cast Mag Short Film - WATCH IN HD
Sometimes the Goal isn’t about one particular target species; sometimes it’s the thrill of planning an epic adventure to a remote location and just letting the adrenaline pump!
In waters, largely untouched, the outer reefs off Queensland’s Cape York, offer truly one of the best fishing adventures on the planet. Join Cast boys Ben Jones, Justin Robertson and Mick Guthrie on this epic adventure, camping 2 nights on a remote Coral Cay at the edge of the Continental Shelf and soak up the frothy DIY adventure feels!
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Thanks again to the legends below for truly supporting this series, keeping it real and allowing us to do what we do, how we wanna do it!
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