Nelson Mandela's Fight for Freedom - Best Documentary



The most in-depth, insightful and engrossing documentary on Nelson Mandela during the "hottest" years of the struggle between 1985 to 1994, spanning before his prison release to the ANC's momentous campaign to form government by 1994. It features the liberation struggles of the ANC, negotiations between the National Party and Mandela/ANC before and after Mandela's prison release, battles between the ANC and Zulu fighters who were organized and trained through a Third Force of National Party/ secret police agents, and ultimately the alliance between the ANC and National Party against the extreme alliance of white and black social reactionaries (AWB and Terre Blanche, IFP and Bop/Tribal State governments). It also serves as a political biography for some of Mandela's history.
Despite an intensely complex situation rife with violence, hate, and division, Mandela's upstanding moral character and brilliance shine through consistently - never does he sink towards revenge, small mindedness or lose his connection towards compassion and an understanding of the greater society. He maintains a "highest, best" mindset emphasizing a peaceful transition towards a multi-racial, democratic, inclusive society, despite being under the most trying of circumstances - upholding not only principled ideals but undertaking the necessary practical measures to achieve success based on the complex realities - something that today's activists can learn from.