Easy And Inexpensive Copper Plating Trick!



Simple, cheap, and reliable way to copper plate metals.
This video is just an "extra" info video for the nickel/copper plating video at:
Please check out the the main video for a more in depth instructional.

Just got this from a plater regarding stacking cells in parallel:

I watched your copper plating video and then went to your site where someone suggested wiring batteries in parallel to achieve higher amperage and thus increase plating time.
in the discussion of amperage one needs to observe the ohms law. To be more accurate the resistance of the liquid that the plating is done in, needs to be known. Because current can be increased two ways. One way is to decrease resistance ( use a liquid with lower resistance) the other way is to increase voltage. You cannot just increase amperage by putting batteries in parallel unless the resistance of the liquid is so low that the battery cannot supply the amperage in which case it goes dead very fast.

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