SCUM - 2 NEW Weapons, 30 Caves, NVG's, New SVD and Kar98 sound, NEW CRAFTING ITEMS



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Important update from the developers!
Hello guys, in this patch you will notice a bit less of bug fixes, optimizations etc.. We are starting to allocate people to work on the features you voted you want the most. That includes vehicles, fortifications, FOV changes and many more. We plan to update you WiP features on a weekly basis with screenshots and descriptions.

P.S The Golden DEagle event ends today. But everyone loved the golden DEagle so much, so we decide to keep in the game, yes that means you can find it BUT it's in the rarest category in the game (and for now the only item in that category). Good luck finding it!

New Content!

This week we have some neat new things for you!(edited)
New weapons!

Improvised Handgun
This handgun can be crafted from the basic handgun skill and it uses .50 cal ammunition.

Improvised Shotgun
The shotgun can be crafted from the basic rifle skill and it uses basic shotgun shells

Head gear!

Improvised Mask
This handsome head apparel can be made by anyone, and it guarantees you all the ladies on the island.

Night Vision Goggles
This is a simple strap with NVG that can be used to better navigate in the night and can be found in military zones.


We added 30 caves on the island that you are free to use and make it your home!


Pretty neat 6 taunts that you can use in the game!


Client optimizations
We made distant LODs for Factory, Prions, Refinery and Airfield. What does that mean is that when you are looking in that direction from a large distance you will see buildings and if you look through a scope you won't see people walking in the air anymore. Also that reduced render distance for high taxing models that will impact performance.(edited)





Re-designed gunshot sounds for KAr98 and SVD.
Slightly increased audible range for sprint footsteps.
Reduced sound range for rabbit and chicken.

QOL changes

Update some item descriptions for better clarifiaction.
Added keybindings for basic gestures.
Added suicide animations.
Changed "Crafting bullets" to survival skill for easier bullet crafting. Also lowered the needed skill level to basic for handgun bullets (9mm, .50 AE and .357 calibre)
Reduced the brightness of Nice Watch. When you do not look at it its dim when you take a look it brightens up.

Bug fixes

Fixed more landscape bugs (tears in the ground etc..)
Fixed a bug where clothe items would apsob up to 8kg of water.
Fixed heatstroke not causing coma correctly, resulting the player to be able to move but unable to interact with anything.
Fixed hyperthermia recovery. Now you can decrease your temperature by stripping clothes before it didn't affect it.
Fixed client crash that sometimes occured when unequipping long-sleeved clothes.

Easy Anti Cheat

Also a lot of updates on our anti cheat system!