My Journey To Islam - Abu Taubah



Abu Taubah a former Christian talks about his journey to Islam. Why he left Christianity and began his journey to becoming a caller to Islam.


Abu Taubah was born and raised in New York, he comes from an educated family where his mother was an English teacher turned Principal and his father a politician. He grew up with a love for education, language and teaching. He has been travelling widely around the world from a young age and this led him to a journey of learning about Islam.

Over the years he has met and studied with many scholars, activists and duʿāt. He spent several years studying in rural Mauritania under a number of scholars in the traditional way. He has mastered the Arabic language and its sciences, memorised the Qur'an with ijāzah and has also studied ḥadīth, ʾaqīdah, uṣūl al-fiqh and fiqh.

He is the founder of the Foundation of Islamic Knowledge & Seminary (the FIKS) where he provides online learning of Arabic and Islamic studies to a number of students from around the world.

Ustadh AbuTaubah has recorded a number of programmes including "Glimpses of Qurʾan Juzʾ by Juzʾ", the popular series for Ramadan TV entitled .

Ustadh Abu Taubah currently resides with his family in Orlando, Florida. He is a popular teacher who spends a lot of time travelling to conferences and classes and he is a welcome addition to AlKauthar Institute
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