The hilarity of Flynn Rider - funny moments from Tangled



EDIT: My friend just mentioned that I should probably inform you all of the inevitable spoilers that this video has. But tbh, if you haven't seen the film yet, WHY THE FRICK NOT.

That's a terrible title, I'll change that when I'm feeling wittier.
So basically, my favourite Flynn moments from my favourite film, with a little bit of Max and Pascal in there too. This is more a personal thing than anything, because I put this film on a lot at the moment just to appreciate this man, and I wanted a video with just him to save me time. But I wanted to share the hilarity :D
I love this film, I really do haha.

Love to the Fitzherbert.

I mirrored all the clips bar two - you'll see which two - because of potential copyright drama. I don't own anything and I know that. I wish I did. Hell, I wish I was IN this film.

So, yeah.

OH, and I KNOW that sometimes it's out of sync, that's just how the film turned out when I downloaded it.