Blackheads Extractions/ Christian Part 2



Hello YouTube Family!
Here is part 2 of Christians' visit to my clinic. I was working hard on getting as many blackheads out as possible as you probably noticed, his skin could of been a lot more receptive to extractions but he had ran out of my cleanser. I get asked... How do I manage to extract so easily? I truly think the secret is pre-treating the skin with my glycolic wash which allows the pre-softening of the skin cells, de-capping the follicle therefore the follicle is ready to yield its content. This time I really could see how important it is to pre-treat the skin. I felt I had to use more pressure which I am not a fan of doing. Next time he should do much better and you should see a big difference on his skin.

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Love you guys & God Bless,
Enilsa Brown