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ESO Tamriel Unlimited - Vampire VS or Werewolf in Elder Scrolls Online. Active & passive skills overview. Comparing concept gameplay with pros & cons to be helpful deciding which to choose: Vampire or Werewolve.

(can be set off/on with the settings option besides the full screen symbol)
▶vampirism stages ability cost reduction from 20% to 7% per stage -mistform movementspeed bonus reduced to 30%

23.May: Patch:
▶ Werewolf transformation reduced from 1000 to 725 ultimate.
▶ Werewolf Savage Strength I: The stamina bonus this ability provides from kills has been decreased. Savage Strength II's bonus is unchanged.

4. August: Patch 1.3.3:
▶Reduced the Vampire passive Undeath’s damage reduction from 50% to 33%.

27.August info: upcoming Werewolf changes
▶Cost of transforming into a werewolf further reduced
▶Bug fix which prevented the use of a CC Break Ability in Werewolf form
▶Gear affects damage output more meaningful:
•Savage Strength will offer a flat increase to power instead of stacking multiple times
•Light and heavy attacks additionally scale off of weapon power (instead of just maximum stamina)
•Pounce and its morphs scale off of weapon power instead of spell power
▶3 All-new werewolf abilities
•Hircine’s Bounty: This is a self-heal ability that gives you more survivability.
•Piercing Howl: An ability that damages and knocks an enemy down.
•Infectious Claws: A swipe attack that deals disease damage to multiple foes.

Octobre 31. patch-notes-v1-5-2------------
•Added some new werewolf abilities:
•Hircine’s Bounty: This ability is a large heal that costs magicka.
•Infectious Claws: This ability instantly deals damage to all enemies in front of you and causes disease damage over time.
•Piercing Howl: This ability deals high damage and stuns your enemy.
•Negative effects, such as Disorient, will no longer affect you while transforming.
•All werewolf light attacks will now cause bleed damage.
•Fully charged heavy attacks now restore stamina.
•Werewolf tooltip now includes the bleed damage light attacks deal
•Devoured enemies will no longer display a blinking texture.
•Fixed an issue where CC break wasn’t working for werewolves.
•Having the Werewolf skill line now increases your Stamina regeneration by 15% in both Human and Werewolf forms. (You do not need to have a Werewolf ability on your skill bar.)

•you will now sprint on all fours when you leave combat.
and a ton of fixes:

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