We'll Understand It Better By And By (VHS) - Bishop Carlton Pearson,"Live At Azusa 2"



We'll Understand It Better By And By with Pop Winans

Carlton Pearson Live At AZUSA 2,Precious Memories: Original Release Date: February 11, 1997.

Bishop Pearson attended Oral Roberts University and was a mentor, Oral Roberts, he was licensed and ordained in the Church of God in Christ Pearson formed his own church higher dimensions, which became one of the largest in the city of Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1990s grew to an attendance of over 5000 and 1997, Pearson was ordained bishop in 2000 he campaigned for George W. Bush and the presidential installation was invited to the White House

Then after viewing a television program depicting the wretched conditions of people dying in Rwanda and given instruction in his church as non-Christians were destined for hell Pearson felt that he had received a revelation from God and said that he doubted the concept of hell as it has been traditionally taught in februari2002 Lectureloses he is a primary bid for mayor ship of Tulsa When Pearson had begun to call their doctrine-a variant of universal atonement, the gospel of inclusion and many in his congregation began to leave

Pearson has said, "Anyone who spends every day getting drunk will destroy their family health marriage and career, they will make their life a living hell But it is still far from the chronic alcoholic who was condemned by a just God to literally burn in hell for eternity
For others it may well be that the punishment deserved their sins are greater than they receive in this life For them maybe it will be some form of punishment after death, but we think there will be remedial and corrective rather than just punishment for punishment &# 8217; sake Exactly what will be and how long we will not know, hell for some people the last 10 minutes or 10 million years ... we do not know but what we know, Hell will not last forever, there will be endless ... sin is not reunited with God now, rather than after you have set yourself (and those you love) through Hell "

In March 2004, after hearing Bishop Pearson's arguments for the conclusion of joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops concluded that such teaching was heresy officially recognized as a heretic, the once very popular Bishop Carlton Pearson quickly began to lose its influence higher dimensions membership fell below 1000, and lost its building to foreclosure in January2006 at which time Than the church began meeting in the nearby Trinity Episcopal Church as the New Dimensions Church

In November 2006, Pearson was accepted as a United Church of Christ minister in June 2008, New Dimensions Church was moved to All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa On September 7, 2008 New Dimensions Church held its final worship service and merged with All Souls Unitarian Church

Bishop Pearson's story was the subject of a section headed "heretic" on Chicago Public Radio's This American Life that was broadcast December 16, 2005 This was followed by a profile on Dateline NBC August 13 2006

Pearson was the subject of a CNN story June 24, 2007 that covered his switch to a more inclusive gospel (including the acceptance of LGBT peopleri his church) and the negative backlash from the evangelical community

But apart from all heretics mess Bishop Pearson is also a gospel singer who has won two Stellar Awards and was nominated for a Dove Award, he and the choir in higher dimensions Evangelical Center recorded two album under the production of Christian singer Carmen called High Praises Vol 1 and Vol 2 They were so wildly successful that Warner Bros. 'Christian music arm, Warner Alliance signed Pearson and chorus to an agreement that eventually involved more than five live albums the first three of these was very popular and got a lot of attention from radio and TBN and other Christian networks When Pearson departed from the doctrine of God Carmen separated from Pearson that he had known since the fthrough the first few days of higher dimensions in slutet70 century - Artist Wiki ยป