My $5 IKEA Camp Cook Kit



I've been hooked on YouTube's area where guys are challenged into making personal cook kits on the cheap. Some from tin cans other from handy items they had around the house.
I went to IKEA today for something, got distracted and found these in the kitchen section of the store. A $4.99 cook set!
Thinking out of the box, I figured this would be ideal for a hot meal for one on the go (hiker, biker, worker etc).
I got a small pot, a fry pan, a bowl/frypan/wok/cup, a colander that fits in the pot...flip it over, add a heat source and instant mini stove! All had handles so nothing to add.
Eggs, noodles, soup can be done on this stainless steel great quality mini cook set.
Cool eh?!