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We are holistic in our approach, focused on getting to the root cause of a condition in order to treat it at the source, rather than treating surface or symptomatic conditions, which usually offer only temporary solutions. Our focus is the physiological transformation of the skin, from aged and damaged, to young and healthy. Our unique approach involves the stimulation of the physiological processes naturally existing in the skin, that produce health internally and vibrant .remove pimples marks in hindi mark in one day from face with aloe vera pimples photoshop with apple cider vinegar naturally naturally in tamil subliminal subliminal We have performed 1000s of treatments for acne and acne scarring on the face, neck, shoulders and back over the past 15 years. From mild acne that appears as pimples or white heads prior to a woman’s period then suddenly disappears, to severe cystic acne on the face, neck, shoulders and back that was truly destroying the patient’s skin leaving behind deep scars. We have worked with the most advanced medical lasers as well as every conventional acne treatment option there is, including pharmaceuticals such as Accutane. Our exploration into the best way to get rid of acne and the subsequent scarring has also lead us to explore non-conventional acne therapies such as acupuncture, herbs, essential oils, diet and homeopathic treatments. We have even investigated the old wives’ tales about how to cure acne that our grandmothers taught us. Unfortunately, few of these various treatments for acne are scientifically developed or medically proven. Many, if not most of these treatments, do not work at all. Fortunately, we have discovered what treatments work and what treatments do not. By combining these conventional, alternative and laser acne treatments into a coordinated multiple modality protocol, we have been able to get rid of acne and acne scarring for nearly all of our patients. The best treatment we have found for acne are treatments that utilize lasers. For nine years we have tracked our patients that have undergone laser treatments for their acne and most have not had a recurrence milia removal at home