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Dave Way Interview & Studio Tour part 2: Q&A, Recording and Music Production, Gear and Guitar Demo.
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Hey friends,

This video is the second part of our interview and studio tour with multi-grammy winning producer/mixer Dave Way.

We've received a lot of wonderful comments and questions in the last episode and we're covering them in today's interview:

We talk about drum recording and micing techniques, Dave's favourite vocal recording chain and music production. Dave tears down some of the dogmas about recording and producing of the modern age:

- Dave's unconventional way of recording vocals to help singers keep pitch more easily & his favourite low budget tube microphone, which only costs $700 and has a "251 top end"!
- How to use microphone bleed creatively to add dimension to your mix.
- How putting limitations on your recording process can spark your creativity and help you to create better arrangements.
- Recording drum overheads in mono for extra depth.
- Mixing and matching different styles of music to create something new and exciting: "Giving it a twist is what keeps things moving forward, otherwise we’re all just transcribing."
- Dave explains his advanced hybrid studio setup & routing system, shows off his favourite pieces of outboard equipment and explains what he likes to use them on: From compressors, preamps, custom guitar amps to clocks and even his process of backing up his audio files and mixes!

As a bonus, we're also trying out several electric guitars of Dave's amazing collection:

- Gibson ES - 330, which is almost identical to the Epiphone Casino, which was played by John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney.
- A custom Tele which Dave was given by Val McCallum
- Custom guitar built by Larry Pogreba

I hope you enjoy this interview, lots of gold nuggets in this one!

Many Thanks,


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