Orchid species: Are they worth growing?



What is a better fit for your collection? Species or Hybrids

List of Orchids in the video:
Masdevallia ova-avis
Haraella ordorata
Phalaenopsis philippinensis
Neofinetia falcata
Maxillaria tenuifolia
Cattleya walkeriana
Cattleya landate
Brassavola Little Stars
Dendrobium cruentum

To be added soon for orchid care: orchid species, temperature preference, repotting, soil media, watering, repotting, water culture, phalaenopsis, neofinetia falcata, cattleya, dendrobiums, vanda, oncidiums, paphiopedilums, masdevallias, blooming and spikes, how to have healthy roots, choosing the right potting medium, rot and rotting problems, fertilizer use, choosing fragrant varieties, common problems and diseases, creating an indoor garden, indoor plants as air filters, orchid shows, carnivorous plants, venus flytrap, sundews, terrestrial orchids, peace lily, spider plant, rose plant, begonias, etc.

Very easy plants to take care of indoors. Basic care and maintenance of these plants are very attainable in a home or apartment.


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