HSK level 4 sample test - listening汉语水平考试 四级听力样卷



Here is why you should learn to speak Mandarin with my channel:

Our goal is to simplify Chinese study and let you learn it without any pain or struggle. We found that the very fast way to learn Chinese is to learn how to speak first. My two years old girl can communicate with me very well, but she DOES NOT know Pin Yin, grammar or any Chinese character at all.

NO Chinese phonetic system pinyin (拼音 - pīn yīn), NO difficult character writing. Just learn it diectly, see it, say it.

We have tons of short video lessons, organized in different categories. You can always pick up whatever you like to learn.

Besides, we have categorized the MOST useful words and sentences for you already, all you need to do is check our playlists and open one whenever you are cleaning the room, driving, or jogging, you can always listen to the lessons directly from your phone or laptop.

Watch the first lesson and started learning Chinese now.


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