Run DMC - Sucker MC's




In the beginning hip-hop was club music, an off shoot of disco. After "Sucker M.C.'s," it belonged to teenagers on the street. Nothing more than brawling rhymes over a spare beat from Oberheim DMX drum machine, the song appeared as the B side to Run-DMC's debut single, "It's like That," and cut with sidewalk spinning break dancers in mind." There was never a B-boy record made until we made "Sucker M.C.;s " said Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay. But the song's lyrics were as potent as its whiplash groove. Run charts his creation myth("Two years ago, a friend of mine /Asked me to say some MC rhymes") before his partner introduces himself: "I go to St. John's University! flying his alma mater like gang colors. A new school had arrived.