DigiByte (DGB) - Set to Explode in 2019 - Utility Growing - Fiat Pairs Growing



In today's video, CryptoCurrently will discuss the success #DigiByte #DGB has had during the first three weeks of 2019, and cover all the projects expected to go live in Q1, 2019.

To watch my review on the ELLIPAL wallet follow this link:


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Getting into the news we cover the fiat pairs DigiByte has received during the first three weeks of 2019.

1) Bittrex has provided a pair with USD

2) BitTurk has provided a fiat pair with the Turkish Lira

3) Coinfield has offered 4 fiat pairs with the CAD, USD, EUR and the British Pound.

Next we take a look at the projects expected to release during the first quarter of 2019.

1) DigiZipper - a product from AntumID. This will function like WinZip, but have the Digi-ID technology implemented into it.

2) DigiAssets - Which will allow for the tokenization of assets. These assets can be easily created from inside the DigiByte mobile wallet. Anything can be tokenized, tickets to a game or concert, airline tickets, in game currencies, and even the value of your house.