Sparrabeth - The Walk



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This one is for CopiPan, because she gave me the song and the idea of doing another story video!!!
Thanks a million, luv!!!! :)
Hope this turned out as good as you were expecting it to be!!!!!!!!

(Just a Note: I'm sorry about the odd looking Will clips in there...but copipan kindly found a site for me to get some clips, and they were the best that they had...Also...if you see a kids bike a the background of one of them then i apologise...but i cant get it perfect all the time lmao!)

The Story:

- Jack and Elizabeth have been lovers for a while, but Elizabeth has realised that William will soon be released from his prison of 10 long years.

-She starts to get cold feet on Jack, trying to tell him that she can't do it anymore because she has a husband and he will be coming home to her soon.

- Jack tries to persuade her into staying with him and she but she cannot be unfaithful when he comes home and tries her best to put jack out of her mind.

- She soon realises that she cannot be without him when her dreams and memories of jack start playing on her.

- Elizabeth feels even Guiltier about the whole thing, but she can't help letting jack back into her life as he has been there with her for so long.

- At first Elizabeth tries to tell jack that they can only be friends, which causes his own feelings/thought/fantasies/memories into overdrive as he cannot stop thinking about what he may have possibly lost.

- Elizabeth sends a letter through Jack's door one day, asking him to come and see her at her house - He reads the letter and doesn't wait long before he is making his way around there to see her.

- Elizabeth offers him one more night of passion before will returns - he grabs the opportunity with both hands. They spend the night making love, talking and worshipping eachother.

- As Jack opens his eyes he sees Elizabeth looking down at him - she tells him that she loves him, and would love nothing more than to be with him - Jack only responds with heated kisses.

- Meanwhile...Will walks back into town.

- Elizabeth feels as if she has made the wrong choice, and is about to tell jack...when Will walks through the door and sees them together.

- All three of them sit down to discuss the scene, but nothing is sorted out.
Will seeks out jack later on and tells him that he has ruined his life, he blames it all on him. Meanwhile, elizabeth cannot stop the tears.

-Will comes back to her house, and she tries to persuade him that they can make it work - he doesn't know what he wants.

-Jack goes around to elizabeths and she rages at him in anger, blaming him for everything that has happened to her and Will. - Jack doesnt listen to her, but instead grabs her and kisses her. Elizabeth gives in and is once again in Jacks arms where she feels she belongs.

- Jack holds her through the night, knowing that by the morning he will be gone, wanting her to live her life with her Husband.

- Meanwhile, Will is leaving town, turning his back on jack and liz's betrayal, never to return again.

- Elizabeth wakes in the morning to find jack is not by her side.

-Jack leaves the town and elizabeth behind to let her get on with her own life.

- Elizabeth searches the house and street for a sign of Jack and Will, but she soon realises that they have both left her.


Films Used:

Elizabeth: 'Dr Zhivago'
Jack: 'From Hell' , 'The Man Who Cried'
Will: 'Haven' , 'Kingdom Of Heaven'.

'The Walk' by Imogen Heap