Energy Healing ... 3 Key Tips You Can Use Right Now



Some people seem to do miraculous things with healing energy? Do they have special powers or are they gifted or are they just God's favorite?

Perhaps you have wondered yourself: How to do healing with Energy, How to become a Healer, How to become a Shaman, How to be a Reiki Healer, Sound Healer, Distance Healer or how do I access my Healing Power for Healing ... period?

How can I heal myself and other people, pets, places or any other thing ... even the world?

Great Energy Healing Questions ...

These are great questions to ask about energy and healing and the answer depends on who you talk to.

You may question, as many other people do: Do I take healing classes, or become a Sound Healer, or study metaphysical healing, become a Shaman or meditate. Use energy healing with Singing Bowls, drumming, singing or toning.

Do I need to take Reiki, learn massage, listen to relaxing music, activate my DNA, change my frequency, remember my past lives, hypnosis myself for energy healing. Should I study Energy Healing and Distance Healing, talk to the Angels or the Ascended Masters.

Can I create a holographic reality, get certified as a healing energy practitioner. Maybe I could see a spiritual healer, use my intuition, visit a psychic, talk to ghosts, be an Energy Healer for pets, use color or sound therapy, clear my chakras, open my third eye, douse myself, burn some sage, do a fire ceremony, play the singing bowls, buy crystals.

Do I need to know this much about Healing Energy ...

All of these ideas are wonderful and all are different ways to use energy for healing. You may wonder however, do I really have time for all of this? You may even have an idea of which modalities or techniques for energy healing you are drawn to. Yet what if you are not sure, or worse yet ... wrong.

You could spend years and years of your time and way too much of your money only to discover that the area you thought was your interest isn't really all that exciting for you. You still want to be skilled at energy healing ... but how?

Everything Is Energy ...

First off, it is best to think of healing and energy as not being a technique or a modality for healing. Consider what the experts tell us ... that everything is energy. So from that stand point if you can learn to know the energy, you can learn to change the energy, and then use it for healing in a very clear and tangible way.

One thing is for certain that energy is always changing and what we call, healing, is a change in a positive and powerful direction.

Well rounded Energy Healing foundation...

Get a well rounded overview of as many healing techniques, modalities and traditions as possible before you commit to much time or money to one specific path. A well laid foundation built on Energy Healing in may forms adds to your tool box of expression and gives you vital information as to where your unique healing skill lies.

Your powerful Energy Healing skills ...

You have very special skills that only you possess, no one else in this world can wield healing energy in the same way you can. Also, remember that you can use this energy in any area of your life not just for what we term as healing.

The type of ability I am referring to with energy healing becomes a way of life that overflows into every area of life. For example: A new business, your marriage, parenting, your financial health, your physical health, how you get along with family and co-workers, finding the right house to live in, developing a healing arts practice, being a celebrity, etc. You get the idea ... energy is everywhere so therefore you have healing energy everywhere too!

Align to your Soul's Purpose ...

It will become very apparent and you will flow very naturally when you are in alignment with your Soul's Purpose and your personal purified energy by awakening energy healing abilities within. Peace contentment, joy, prosperity, health, happiness will all come looking for you!

Energy Healing, 3 Key Tips ...

Here are 3 Key tips to reaching your full potential and using energy healing to your benefit. If you can shift these 3 things in your life you are limitless and your abilities naturally come forward.

It really is very simple ...

1. Harmonize your energetic frequency or personal tune to your source self.
2. Release the blocks in your personal energy fields and life, which hold you back.
3. Have enough vital life force available to stay in the moment and be present to the opportunities life provides.

Energy Healing ...

Energy Healing is really just a fancy way of saying that you are fully who you are born to be and you follow your unique path of mastery. You honor yourself and the world around you.

Your individual personal song is a song that only you can sing and it's beautiful harmony makes all of the other songs in the world dance easily together. Your personal healing power is meant to shine with the energy of your life!