How to use filezilla ftp client for uploading files on your server




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This video tutorial describes how to download filezilla ftp client and setting up filezilla ftp client for uploading a website to your server .
What actually is filezilla client?
Filezilla client is the most basic software for uploading and downloading files to your webserver.It is the easiest way of performing ftp(file transfer protocol).
First of all I have explained how to download and install filezilla.
Filezilla is a opensource software and can be found from the first link that opens up on googling filezilla. Download filezilla free from that website. Thanks to filezilla-project for providing free filezilla download.
After that i have explained how to use filezilla client for uploading files to the hosting or server.
For this you have to open site manager from file menu in filezilla. Then site manager dialog box will on new site ,give a name. Fill the ip of your website in the host column and leave the port blank.(ip can be found by typing ping in command prompt or u can simly write in host column and 21 in the port column).
Change the logon type to normal and fill the username and password as provided to you by your host. This information is generally provided in a mail sent to you by your host when you purchase a hosting. After filling in the details you can click connect. Directory listing successful message will be shown which confirms that you are successfully connected to your server. Now you can upload the files by selecting the files on your computer which are present on the right side then right click and select upload. You upload single and multiple files and even folders, the procedure remains the same.
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