How To Make The Best Seed Starting Mix and Potting Soil



Back again with Steven Cornett of Nature's Always Right. In this video I asked him to share how me makes his potting soil and seed starting mix in bulk.

We go through his entire process of making his mix from scratch along with the reasoning BEHIND why he does it the way he does it.

In short:
- 1/3 peat moss
- 1/3 perlite (medium and fine grain)
- 1/3 home-made compost
- Handful of Azomite
- Handful of kelp meal
- Home-made worm tea to moisten and inoculate

It's a powerful mix that starts your plants out with LIVING soil instead of store-bought sterile soil. This is really important in Steven's farm - he wants to play WITH nature's systems instead of against them...and the living soil potting mix is a huge part of it.

As always, thanks for tuning in and good luck in the garden.

Keep Growing,

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