Transforming Yourself with the Right Wig and Makeup



We hear it all the time from our customers – "it's great to come in and have a makeover done, but I need help doing it myself." So here it finally is, the video we've been working on for over a year:

Trans Spa stylist and professional makeup artist Darrell shows us what applying makeup to your OWN face looks like!

Darrell uses our in-house makeup products and his own favorite techniques to transform his face, plus shows off a variety of wig styles and colors to demonstrate how a different wig can change your look even without changing your makeup. Check out the end result: a late-50s male easily transforms into a beautiful 40-ish woman! Want to get this effect yourself? All products used and all wigs shown are available for purchase here at Trans Spa. Make YOUR appointment now for a Quick Shop, Makeup Lesson, Full Transformation, or any other appointment option, and get expert advice in choosing and using products and garments to transform yourself and your body. Check out our In-Store Services page at, or shop our limited online selection at!

• System JO Nutra+ Skin Cream
• BeautyTreats Concealer Contour Palette (Dark) (various shades)
• Trans Spa Paramedical Kamaflage (Natural)
• BeautyTreats Mineral Concealer Powder (Light)
• BeautyTreats Concealer Contour Palette (Light) (various shades)
• Trans Spa Mineral Photo Touch Foundation (Natural Beige)
• BeautyTreats Strobing Highlighter Palette (Light) (various shades)
• Trans Spa Shadow Magnet Primer (Natural)
• Trans Spa Eyebrow Ink (Blonde)
• Trans Spa Eye Pencil (Light Brown)
• BeautyTreats Powder Contour Palette (Light) (Toffee shade)
• BeautyTreats Eyeshadow Palette (Spring) (Champagne Beige, Deep Blue, Pink Frost, Charcoal, Copper Frost shades)
• Trans Spa Ultimate Eyeliner (Quest)
• BeautyTreats Waterproof High-Definition Mascara
• Trans Spa Faux Lashes (#356)
• DUO White-to-Clear Lash Glue
• BeautyTreats Matte Blush Palette (Light) (various shades)
• Trans Spa Finishing Powder
• Trans Spa Lip Primer
• BeautyTreats Lip Pencil (Copper)
• Trans Spa Lipstick (Sin City)
• BeautyTreats Lipgloss (#4)
• Trans Spa Finishing Spray

• Brushes from BeautyTreats kits
• BeautyTreats Kabuki brush
• Disposable makeup sponges (no brand name)

• Estetica's Natalie (R18/24H, R30/28/26, R4/8)
• Estetica's Devin (CKISS RT4, R30/28/26, RH1488RT8)
• Estetica's Emma (R6LF29, R2/4, R14/24)
• Raquel Welch's Pure Allure (R10, R12/26H, SS14/88)
• Henry Margu's Tiffany (4H, 8/27/33H, 26GR)
• Henry Margu's Bethany (2400H, 614GR, 4GR)
• Estetica's Mackenzie (R10/24/80, RTH6/28, RTH4/6)
• Henry Margu's Harper (26GR, 5H, 8/27/33H)
• Estetica's Taylor (R4/8, RH1488RT8, Caramel Kiss)

• "Dance and House Pack" by DenLenev on AudioJungle
• "Fashion Dance Electro" by BrainMire on AudioJungle
• "Fashion Indie House Pop Summer" by Infraction on AudioJungle
• "Fashion Killer EDM" by Music2Sync on AudioJungle
• "Funky Disco House" by LuxuryLoungeBeats on AudioJungle
• "Ultimate Fashion Electro" by Music2Sync on AudioJungle
All images and video, voice audio tracks, and other content (c) Trans Spa 2017.

As always, thanks for watching! We hope to see YOU in store soon!

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