How to Prevent Basketball Injuries (Part 1: Strength)



Before technique, a strength base must be built to reduce injuries when hooping. Check out a very detailed description how to in the video above and let us know if you have any questions! All exercises should be done with perfect form, rather than heavy weight or crazy speed.

Full workout list:

- “Monster walks”/Band Walks
- Banded external rotation
- SL hip thrusts
- Shoulder taps
- Bodyweight squats
Eccentric Focus:
- Drop squats
- Eccentric-focused squats
- Eccentric-focused trap bar deadlift
- Depth drops (bodyweight, progressed with medicine ball)
Glute Focus:
- Clamshells
- Banded external rotation
- Elevated hip thrust
- Single leg elevated hip thrust
- Eccentric RDL (w/ barbell or dumbbells)
Unilateral Work:
- Eccentric pistol squat from relatively low box (record one rep with valgus)
- Rear foot elevated split squats
- Lunges
- Calf raises (plus bent-knee)
- Ankle pogo
Core Stability:
- Band anti-rotation circuit (hold outwards, press outwards, rip over head)
- Overhead, kneeling band anti-rotator press
- Anti-flexion exercises with small med ball
- Unilateral farmer’s walk
- Side plank

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