Mulder & Scully - Try



I really don't know what to say about this vid. I have stared at the blank page for a few minutes, wondering how to put my feelings in words, but in the end it seems to me like every explaination would be pointless. I will let my work speak for itself. I will let Mulder and Scully speak for themselves. I want you to watch my vid and feel as grateful as I am: to have met these two wonderful chacaters and to be witnesses of a love that is so durable, so deep, so pure. A love that goes beyond every “I love you”, beyond physical attraction, beyond the limitations of this world. A love that's stronger than anything. I just want you to be overwhelmed by the hope that Mulder and Scully convey.

Thank you guys for supporting me even if my presence here on YT is not always constant. I love you all.