Cape May Court House Spanish Sevent-day Adventist. Windows 12:40 & 6:10. Mission Caleb



Cape May Court House Spanish Sevent-day Adventist. Windows 12:40 & 6:10. Mission Caleb

Windows of Opportunity
Celeste Ryan Blyden
Asst. to the President/Communication-Columbia Union.

The pastors and elders of the New Jersey Conference had a publicly committed to evangelize 80 cities and towns for Christ.
The bold initiative, dubbed "Mission Caleb", is the brainchild of conference president José H. Cortés, Psy D. who got the idea during early morning worship.
"I begin every day praying for my people" he says. He also prays for the people of his state's cities and towns. One day, while praying over the map of New Jersey, he saw the hand of a clock over the map. Time was 12:40
"I am not clamming to be Brother White; I'm just a pastor praying for my conference" he Chuckles, recalling the experience. "When I looked closer at map, I realized that it outlined the northwestern portion of New Jersey where we have almost no (Seventh-day) Adventist presence. "A later look at the map revealed a time of 6:10 which outlines the state's southeast region, where memberships similar sparse

Most of the New Jersey Conference's 13,600 members worship in 86 churches in the northeastern and southwestern part of the state along Interstate 95 in what conference president José H. Cortés calls "the occupied zone". But the times 12:40 and 6:10 reveal two windows of opportunity for evangelism, and once Cortés understood this, he asked God to show him how to reach the territory.

He remembered the biblical account of Caleb Who requested that Joshua give him certain mountain. At 85 Caleb fear conquered the giants who occupied his chosen territory and founded a city. With that in mind, Cortés approached his executive committee, then pastors, elders and ethnic groups who not only supported the mission, but also worked with their boards to choose the city or town they wanted to target.

- Dr. José H.Cortés: President of Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Jersey
- Jorge F. Pillco: Assistant to the President for Media Ministries
- José H. Cortés, Executive Director
- James Greene, Executive Production
- Modesto Vázquez: Executive Production
- Pr. James Greene: Director of Communications