FileMaker Beginner Tutorial - Loop Script



Learn how to eliminate repetitive task with the LOOP function in FileMaker Pro.

Tutorial file below:

[PDF Guide]
17 FileMaker Scripts Beginner Should Learn First

This series of bite-size FileMaker aims to share some quick and easy to learn tips for FileMaker Pro 14 beginners. The exercise file on the link above also provide you with a sample database fully ready for you to practice on.

In this tutorial you will be learning the follow:

- What is a loop function?
- Why do you need it?
- How do you use it?

I will be guiding you through 2 simple examples with a fictional database that I created.

Below are the list of functions covered in this tutorial.

Loop (End Loop)
Go to Record (Next, Exit After Last)
Go to Record (First)
Set Variable
Set Field
Left( )