The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Ending



3DS Ending Version here:

The Original trailer go here:

This game to many is one of the most awesome beautiful games in the whole history of Zelda.
Mostly all of us.. including me grew up with this game.

The Temples,The Music,The Characters...Everything in this game was, and still is, amazing.
I don't think any other game can replace it.

It had this magical feeling that not even Tp has.
Majora's Mask,Wind waker,Link to the past, and the rest of the Zelda games (except for Tp) have that magical feeling.

But Oot...It is a game we can never EVER forget.

Our childhood Memories Will always stay in this game and we will always remember and cherish them with this game.

Thanks for your comments guys!

Ocarina Of Time...Forever.