How to Heal Yourself - Free Instant Energy Healing Alignments



How to Heal Yourself:
The free self healing in this video is essential for ensuring that your health and every part of your life is Aligned with Wholeness. Learn how to heal yourself and receive a free instant energy healing for YOUR issue while you watch the video. Simply click the link above for more in depth and specific healing, and to Align yourself with Wholeness!

In this video, How to Heal Yourself, I showed you some simple Now Healing Alignments you can use to Heal Yourself.

Try it yourself – whenever you need a boost, or you want to heal yourself or a situation, say this command:

“I Align with Wholeness… Now!”

… and bring it into your Center. Notice the Wholeness expanding!

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Love and Wholeness,
Elma Mayer
Founder, Now Healing – Instant Energy Healing
How to Heal Yourself: