How to get Animated 3D Bitmojis on Snapchat - Update - This is so COOL!!



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Snapchat adds 3D Bitmoji to its augmented reality features

Last year, Snapchat bought Bitstrips, the company behind those now-ubiquitous Bitmoji you see everywhere. And Snapchat has also been working on World Lenses, which use AR to apply filters and emoji to the world around you. Now, Snapchat has combined the two: Starting today, you'll be able to use Bitmoji with Snapchat's World Lens on iOS and Android.

To access 3D Bitmoji World Lenses, all you need to do is tap the camera screen in Snapchat when you're using the rear-facing camera (not the front-facing camera). If your Bitmoji account is connected to Snapchat, then you'll be able to see 3D Bitmojis as an option in the Lens carousel at the bottom of the screen. You can also direct and influence the animations by walking around and moving your phone.

Snapchat's been constantly upgrading and developing their filters and lenses, and they've been immensely popular. As they integrate Bitmoji more and more into their own services, they're becoming a great way to communicate, as well as a fun way to experiment with AR.

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