Konpeki no Kantai Ep.1



Konpeki no Kantai episode 1: Unmei no kaisen" (運命の開戦)
Deep Blue Fleet episode 1: "The War of Destiny"

In the prologue, scenes are shown of Japan's eventual defeat after Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto dies on April 18, 1943, but the clock winds back to April 1, 1939. Having retained his original memory and his old surname of Takano, Yamamoto meets with a select group of Navy officers and propose a coup d'etat against the militarist regime. After he narrowly avoids an assassination attempt plotted by warlords in the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), he meets IJA Lt Gen Yasaburo Otaka and explains his rationale for the coup while planning a massive naval rearmament project. All the while, Germany plunges Europe into war and the Tripartite Pact is signed. Yamamoto launches the coup a few days after the Pearl Harbor strike force leaves Hitokappu Bay. With Tojo being held at gunpoint, Otaka becomes the new prime minister, who plans things to ensure that the 14-part message detailing a break in the US-Japanese peace negotiations is successfully delivered and announced to the media two hours before the attack begins at 5AM Hawaiian time on December 7. The Japanese fleet regroups to find and eliminate the US Pacific Fleet out in Hawaiian waters and lands amphibious forces in Hawaii - all in the space of two days.