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"Guru Vakyam, Param Vakyam" from our scriptures indicate the importance of the words of the Master to be treated as final words. This comes from the fact that a Guru is one whose consciousness has reached its peak, who after self-realisation has broken all the limiting barriers of the life and is free from the bondage of the life and death cycle. The Guru then becomes a powerful medium to leading others towards this high achievement of human life, when he himself guides humanity with various tools that can enhance or redeem humans from their never-ending cycles of sufferings and miseries. But since the Guru looks at things from a very unbiased view and from a state of very high consciousness than the beings of normal or lower consciousness, he shares many insights that can help mankind provided they are taken in the right spirit and right understanding, without any analysis or logic or restraint. This is because what a normal human perceives is drastically different from what a Guru perceives. The Guru's words are full of wisdom from the scriptures, representing the divine energies of the Supreme consciousness itself. That is the reason a Guru is defined to be the words of the Supreme himself as they are perfectly attuned to the ultimate truth.

In the popular series of ShivYog Guru Vakyam that over the years was widely accepted, even today is one of the most popularly sought videos, because of the simplicity of the teachings that the ShivYogi Master Avdhoot Shivanand ji himself shares with the world. He in the most practical and simplistic way shares the mysteries and solutions of every aspect of life. The ShivYog GuruVakyam series are published daily and available in Hindi and English and becomes a must-see for everyday living. Even if one in the most simplest form contemplates on these precious words of wisdom, one will eventually note a great transformation happening in their lives in all areas of life. For more information on ShivYog or the ShivYogi Master, please visit

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