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Ninjutsu Katana Sword -- Bujinkan BLACKBELT VIDEO COURSE, Ninjutsu Online Instruction. This katana video is a free supplement to the blackbelt course program, 50% discount at

Sensei Roemke shows how to wear, carry and be prepared to draw the "katana" (sword). More information about katana is posted at www.Ninja-Learning-Network.com/katana-wearing-swords.html

These techniques are covered more thoroughly in our video course at www.ninja-learning-network.com and we recommend that you investigate "Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu" from the Enbukan organization for more information about learning many o the the katana techniques shown on this channel. Shihan Roemke studied it in Japan with Machida Kenshinsai.

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