Secret Keeper Girl LIVE! (long promo)



Looking for a way to connect with your tween daughter? Not sure how to bring up topics like boys, emotions, media, beauty and modesty? Worried your relationship with her will grow rocky as she hits her teen years? Then Secret Keeper Girl is for you!

Secret Keeper Girl LIVE: The Pajama Party Tour is Dannah Gresh's brand new connecting event just for tween girls and their moms or mentors. From the "Totally Tubular TV Mom" show featuring mom volunteers from the audience to an intense game of "Name That Celebrity" to a girls' fashion show that showcases the season's hottest fashions, all of which pass our "Truth or Bare" modesty tests, girls get a good dose of truth about their beauty and what God really thinks of them.

Plus it's all wrapped up in a Pajama Party themed setting, complete with popcorn, pillow fights, and lots of pink. Our teachers might even show up in their PJs a time or two (and so can you!) It's THE most fun a mom and her girl will ever have digging in to God's Word together!

The Purple Party Tour is now available on DVD!

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