Yellow jacket wasp raid on a Honey Bee Hive (wasps not hornets)



Yellow Jackets attempt to raid a honey bee hive. This video demonstrates aggressive robbing behavior against an established Honey Bee Colony. Reducing the entrance size is very important if a colony of honey bees is to successfully deter attackers/raiders.

During periods of stress, some colonies may be weakened and be subject to robbing by other honey bees as well as attacks by Yellowjackets. Having a wide entrance to the hive in mid summer does aid in the rapid introduction of honey and pollen stores, however it also makes the hive more difficult to defend by the resident honey bees.

When I witnessed the struggle against robbing bees and hornets, I installed a smaller entrance reducer and the honey bees were then able to fend off the intruders successfully.

I hope you enjoy this video and recognize signs of problems in your own hives and act before it is too late to salvage the established honey bees.

If you need a Wasp Trap, this is the one I use here:
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Trap demo video coming up 10/4/2017