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Copywriting is one of, if not the most important element in customer acquisition but it doesn’t come cheap!

You basically have 2 options when it comes to getting quality copy.

Option #1
Write every piece of sales copy you need yourself. But many people have no idea how to even start. This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges.

Expect to spend HOURS studying complex and boring copywriting methods.
A LOT of money & training is required just to start understanding the basics.
It can easily take weeks to months to learn the skills to create your own copy.
Most “self-copy” converts poorly because it’s impossible for people to be 100% objective about the products they create.

Option #2
Hire specialists. Most professionals are booked months in advance, so just finding someone for your project is going to take time. Then consider the costs:

Quality copywriters charge anywhere from 1K to 5K or more per SINGLE sales letter.
Email writers often charge between $40-$90 PER email.
Ad creation is one of the most expensive jobs to outsource.

So for a full funnel project launch, with email sequences and ad campaigns, you could EASILY pay between 5 and 10K …

With absolutely ZERO guarantee of results or having any idea if you’ll make your money back.

This is where Script Engage comes in.

Click, Copy & Paste Your Way To TOP Producing Sales Copy

We wanted to develop an all-in-one software that would produce any type of top converting sales copy in minutes.

Then charge a fraction of what it would to cost to buy the MULTIPLE software's you’d need to do everything this single tool does. ScriptEngage lets YOU:

Effortlessly generate ANY type of top converting marketing material in minutes.
Maximize sales, leads & profits from any campaign or promotion.
Leverage PROVEN winning copy responsible for MILLIONS in sales to promote your products and services.

Pick up your copy today.

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