Script Engage Demo & Interview with Justin Burns - Sales Copy Software



Join me as I demo & interview Justin Burns, the creator of Script Engage a brand new sales copy software that literally covers all your marketing sales copy from beginning to end.

Script Engage Sales Page:

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Script Engage is a copy writing software that allows your customers the ability to create sales copy on demand.

Here are a few of the types of copy you can generate.

- Funnel Scripts
- Webinar Scripts
- Advertising Scripts such as Linked In Scripts
- Facebook Ads
- Join Venture Scripts
- Headline Scripts
- OTO Scripts
- Email Scripts
- Ecommerce Scripts
- High Ticket Scripts
- Phone Scripts
- Affiliate Marketing

Script Engage allows customers to answer a few questions to what we call the “Avatar” This is automatically saved as a profile. Then your user will have the ability to generate tons of scripts.

This was the big idea behind script engage. The ability to create scripts on demand and have the necessary copy to finish an entire sales funnel.

So instead of just having the ability to create a one off sales letter or one piece of copy, it allows your users to generate a ton of scripts.

But not just any scripts, I’m talking high converting scripts that will get them results.

But that’s not all:

We are adding what’s called expert scripts, which will keep your users even more engaged.

So every month we will add a script of the month from a high level expert, from multiple areas such as traffic generation, linkedin, facebook and many other scripts.

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