A Free McBoot Install Guide (Please read the description and check the comments.)



THIS VIDEO IS DUE TO BE REDONE DUE TO IT'S STILL CONFUSING NATURE. As you can see in the comments I am answering any questions people have and I understand that there are things that are very confusing about what I am saying in this video. Please be patient with me as all of this is done in my spare time.

If you are watching the video and are having an issue booting your USB flash drive do not that is NOT what is happening in the video. I cut the video after loading uLaunchELF as I had the intention to reference my other video tutorials about how to load uLaunchELF on an unmodded PS2. The PS2 will never boot any USB device on it's own. Check out the end of this description for links to the other tutorials.

To those of you who feel it necessary to try and "correct" my video in the comments please do us both a favor and leave your comments to yourself. Everything you are saying can be found on the FMCB web site that I link to below so that people who want to take the time to check out their tutorials can do so. This video ONLY shows the process of installing FMCB in a way that everyone can understand (again this backfired in this videos and I will do a new one because of this) while leaving out the methods for loading uLaunchELF as I already have videos showing how to do that and while loading uLaunchELF is a stop to getting the FMCB Installer loaded it is not a method that is solely part of installing FMCB. Believe it or not there are people that have a hard time with this stuff and need as much information as they can get in order to know how to do it properly so don't assume that just because it's easy for you that it's easy for everyone. This video was put together based on feedback from previous videos and will be revised from the feedback below as well.

It's finally here! A complete guide to installing and configuring Free McBoot (plus or minus a few things you may or may not have needed to know but I can cover what might be missing later if I see enough people asking about it).

Oh and one more thing if your PS2's Browser version is newer then 2.50 then FMCB will NOT work on your PS2. I meant to mention that in the video but somehow forgot. I'll make a video later if I find I'm getting a lot of people having this issue but this should only effect those of you with the newer PS2s released in the last few years.

Official FMCB Website (New Link):

Noobie Package Mirror (2013-02-21)

FMCB Download Links

ESR Download Links

A great place to find all the latest homebrew and tools for making various consoles do what you want them to do.

Check out the Wayback Machine to access their archive of sksapps which has been down for some time now but the Wayback Machine has archived all the pages and files you could need.

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