Hollywood Ending - Boyband Song



Hollywood Ending "Boyband" or not a "Boyband"... you decide!

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Producers write our songs
so people sing along
and if we dont go number one
then we're through
its true

we're playing sold out shows
but we dont know where the money goes
step by step
heres what we know

so i put my hands up
get on the floor
shake it shake it shake it
like you want some more
and then i smile real wide
go deep inside
then i drop another line
like girl dont cry

let me tell you how my heart is sore
dont break it break it break it like you did before
then i preach it like i love you girl
its true

then we throw you for a loop

with a weird chord change

cos we dont even know what we're singing about
but we know it sounds catchy if you play it real loud
i dont even try to figure it out, its just too complicated so sing like this


it's a mind control post chorus

stylists buy my clothes
and dress me up so i dont look old
then a makeup artist paints my face
photoshop make that shit look great

gotta focus on my tweets
get a salad cause im not allowed to eat
step by step
and then repeat
just follow me
In two years from now,
we'll have a fallout
I blew all my money now I'm at my moms house
Then Tyler goes on
keeps singing our songs,
to half filled dive-bars


Elgor: @james_ennis
Glen Badguy: @glen_stillwell
Jay B: @nickbourne_

Directed and filmed by: