Mohinder Singh || Chak 404 || Gugera Branch || Faisalabad || Partition Story 47



Another story of Partition of Punjab 1947, Where one Muslim wants to kill Sikh and hindu families but all other Muslims stands with these families and offers them to stay with them or if they want to leave they will protect these families to any secure place. One Peer Haider Shah helped many families, and when One person visited again his village in 1968 the person who wanted to kill, now ordered his Son to go with Sardar ji and drop them to Nankana Sahib with full respect and security. It all shows how much respect we Punjabies have for each other, if we delete those few weeks of 47 from Punjab histroy, you wont find such a peaceful land and helpful community in the world.

Punjab Divided or Devastated , Punjab vandaya gya ke vadaya gya