Living In The Country - A Round-Up Of A Good Year Spent ‘Way Out West’



We were going through our film clips in order to make a channel trailer – but we found far more interesting things than would fit in. Even this selection leaves so much out, but we thought it would be fun to put it up anyway. And what a busy year we’ve had. Since our first film (How To Dig A Pond) went up we’ve made around 100 ‘how-to’ and ‘blog’ films on beekeeping, honey, milking sheep, beeswax, potatoes, horse-drawn ploughing, logging, carpentry and forging, plus games and dancing and baking and fishing and lots more. No wonder we’re exhausted!

(We often get asked how we think of all the things we film - but it's not like that at all. We only film what we're doing anyway - and so much never makes it onto the camera, let alone onto Youtube. In fact, around here you can often hear the words - Oh man, I wish we'd filmed that!)

Thank you to all who have watched and liked and subscribed to our channel – there are more than 3,000 views everyday. (Who would have thought so many would be interested?!) Of course we'd appreciate even more - so feel free to share this or any of the other films if you know anyone who might like it..

We’ve no idea what the next year will bring – but let’s hope it’s more of the same and that the adventure here continues. We love our life in Ireland and really appreciate how lucky we are to have fields and soil, a house, workshop, trees, animals who trust us, good food - and excellent friends to share it all with. Really - who could ask for more than that?

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