Quantum Success-Tapping into The Miracle Zone w/ MARCI SHIMOFF



Tapping into The Miracle Zone w/ MARCI SHIMOFF

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!

I have some amazing guests over the next couple of weeks and todays Quantum Success Show is definitely no exception.
I have the amazing Marci Shimoff, featured teacher from The Secret and my dear friend.
And we are talking all about tapping into the miracle zone, self-love, self-esteem and so much more!
In this show Marci and I discuss:
What is a miracle?
Did you know you can’t create miracles?
What is a miracle zone?
And Much more!

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It is 14 minutes long and full of information to expand you into your miracle zone.
I appreciate you watching!

Much love,

Do you ever feel that you are knocked down by life? My guest on next weeks show will help you bounce back big time! Stay tuned.
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