Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow (2007) Full Album



Debut album by american acid/psychedelic rock band Radio Moscow.

1. Introduction 00:00
2. Frustrating Sound 01:19
3. Luckydutch 05:14
4. Lickskillet 09:54
5. Mistreating Queen 14:50
6. Whatever Happened 19:22
7. Timebomb 22:44
8. Deep Blue Sea 26:00
9. Ordovician Fauna 31:41
10. Fuse 33:43

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Radio Moscow was:
Parker Griggs – vocals, guitars, drums, percussion
Luke McDuff – bass

"Their name may suggest that they descent from the northern Eurasia, however they have nothing to do with that part of the world. The Iowa originated band which was formed in 2003 by the multi-instrumentalist Parker Griggs, is dedicated to play heavy blues rock since their early days. Produced by Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and released by Alive Records, it was inevitable that Radio Moscow would include garage and psychedelic elements in it's sound. These characteristics in combination with the bluesy orientation of the band create an album that unfortunately did not get the recognition it deserves.

The introductory one minute song which actually can be summed up as 'a pandemonium of wha-wha guitars', describes the majority of the sound you will hear in the rest of the album. Moscow pay tribute to their influences from the 60's as psychedelia is obvious and immense. Take for example "Whatever Happened" and "Frustrating Sound": the former is a fusion of heavy blues with some well crafted riffs while the latter seems like a track composed by the greatest trio of Cream which for a strange reason failed to be included in one of their masterpieces.

Although Dan Auerbach is known for many things rather than his production skills, he manages very successfully to garnish Moscow's sound with a garage aura that blends perfectly with the overall picture. "Luckydutch" which is one of the finest tracks of the record is a proof for this. Heavy influenced by virtuoso Jimi Hendrix, Parker follows his hero's temperament and delivers strident riffs backed-up with some stiff vocals. It is also worth exploring the instrumental "Lickskillet" which starts with a southern style and quickly turns out to be an insane jam song.

It might be difficult for some to absorb this from the first time. If by the second time you still don't get it, try listening along with a glass of whiskey. Not much though because you might confuse "Luckydutch" with "N.I.B". Cheers." Review by Antonius at (

Dan Auerbach – production, engineering, slide guitar (track 8)
Chris Keffer – mastering
Anthony Yankovic – artwork

Recorded July 2006 in Akron, Ohio

Released February 27, 2007 by Alive Naturalsound.

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