Dame Edna Everage 'One More Audience With' - Drag Super Star - UK Christmas Special 1988



PLEASE DON'T COMMENT on recent legal matters regarding some audience members, this is a comedy show & not the place!!

This is one of the earliest recordings in my collection, and although it has been shown since, for what it's worth, this is the original transmission from December 1988. Arguably the best of Edna's trio of 'audiences with', it's pretty much perfect. I've watched it many, many times, the jokes & one liners just flow seamlessly one after another, it really is a joy to watch, Humphries is undoubtedly at his peak here, and although he went on to entertain for many years after, it doesn't get any better than this.

To some, Humphries 'female impersonation' will be indistinguishable from any other 'Drag' performance, but it is, notably for the unusual fact that he's not gay! The origins of Edna, and Humphries reasoning for dragging up, very plainly at first, are well documented, but simply put, he used the medium of dressing as a meek mannered Moony Ponds housewife to comment & poke fun at the social norms of 50's & 60's Australian suburbia. So with his rapier whit, Dada-esque proclivities & Edna's need to be on top, this stifling era was ripe for a drag diva to unleash her comedy musings.

God bless you your ladyship, long may you reign ;-)

The video cleaned up nicely & the audio is fine, if a little flat, unfortunately I recorded it in LP, if only I'd have known!!