Mapleshade Speedpaint | This Little Girl is Capable of Murder |



Read the description! They were meant to be read. :)

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And while I DON'T take requests, fanart/music suggestions for next videos are greatly appreciated. ^^

Edit: For those of you wondering, here's her design:

You're free to use my interpretation of Mapleshade if you want to draw her!

Mapleshade again!
...I try not to be redundant and draw the same cats over and over again, but she's just too badass for that.
And I needed a clearer reference to draw from for her. Freaking torties, man. :'D
And you guys need a new Warrior Cats speedpaint!

My only regret is how large her forehead is, and how wonky her eyes look. But oh well!

Finished pic here:

I use Paint Tool SAI to draw, and HyperCam 2 to record
The song is "This Little Girl" by Cady Groves