Super Mario Galaxy 1 Nonstop Back-To-Back Launch Stars Blastoff Montage



Checkout my "Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nonstop Back-To-Back Star Launches Blastoff Montage" video as well.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

This is a video that I remade using the Youtube video editor so I could get rid of my 2 part video of the star launch montage I had before.

This'll also be video #91 in my Galaxy 1 Playlist as well as in the "Super Mario Galaxy Back-To-Back Launch Playlist." I've already collected 121 Stars. Since I first played Mario Galaxy, I was always fascinated about the "Launch Star Shots" that Mario did throughout the game, so I decided to make a back-to-back montage of Mario blasting off with the launch stars non-stop. I noticed that I missed a launch star on "Gateway Galaxy" and "Golden Leaf Galaxy," but that's ok. All of these blastoffs should keep you occupied though hopefully.

Be sure to checkout my "Super Mario Galaxy 2 nonstop back-to-back launch star montage blastoff" video as well. It is already on my channel.

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